Zodiac Series: Capricorn (make up tutorial video)

My first installment in my Zodiac Series is Capricorn. When I looked up the colors for this sign, it said dark greens, browns, and black. Well I had JUST gotten my new favorite eyeshadow from MAC, Club, and thought that it was THE perfect eyeshadow for this look. This look is VERY dramatic, but beautiful. … Continue reading Zodiac Series: Capricorn (make up tutorial video)



Sorry I haven't been adding posts lately. This week has been hella busy. Anyway, my next tutorial is going to be the first in my Zodiac series. The first six I'm starting off with are: Aries (reds) Leo (oranges & golds) Scorpio (deep yellows & bright reds) Sagittarius (deep blues) Capricorn (blacks, browns, & dark … Continue reading SORRY!