Beauty Lally Makeup Brush Set Review

So I received a set of brushes about 2-3 weeks ago to review, and let me tell you! These brushes are phenomenal especially for the affordable price! I have a full review and break down of them on my YouTube Channel, so go check it out! DISCLAIMER: I did receive this product for free, but … Continue reading Beauty Lally Makeup Brush Set Review


Affiliate Links and coupon codes!

Hi all! This isn't your usual beauty and makeup post, but I thought I would share with you some affiliate links with their corresponding coupon codes. The holidays are here and everyone could save a few bucks on their purchases. First off, I am partnered up with Alesha of AlyJae Beauty as the Brand Ambassador Manager. … Continue reading Affiliate Links and coupon codes!


Yes I know, I have been away and neglecting my blog for way too long now, and I am sorry. For now I will be posting the videos I have missed since last April in order of when they were uploaded to my Youtube channel.