ColourPop Forever Freshman & Back to Cool sets haul & Review

image1 (2)

As you can see in the photo above, ColourPop sent this wonderful package of goodies with some of their new items. First off, thanks once again CoulourPop, I am so thankful for the goodies! OK, so I’ve been a fan of ColourPop since the beginning of the year. I place an order with them after Jacklyn Hill did a look using the KathleenLights quad of super shock shadows, which I love and a Highlighter in Lunch Money, also LOVE! I later purchased a few of the ultra matte lips after they launched (LOVE). A rep from the company contacted me via my email explaining they found me on social media and they would like to send me a PR package to share with my followers. OF COURSE I SAID YES! So they sent me these goodies. Now on to the sets:


These two beauties are two of their new Super Shock Cheeks (blush). The top one is Between the Sheets which is described as “A mid-tone beige pink in a matte finish”; the bottom one is Never Been Kissed described as “dusty coral in a Matte finish”. I love both colors, but at my current, some-what tan skin tone, Between the Sheets is WAY too light for me and virtually disappears when I blend it out. So I think this is a PERFECT color for you fair skin ladies 😉 Never Been Kissed however is GORGEOUS! It’s definitely build-able and blends out nicely. I personally apply a little with my fingers, blend it our with a synthetic brush, and re-apply until I get the desired intensity. I think this color is great for all skin tones.


The are 2 of the individually solf Lippie Stix that came out for Fall 2015. On the top we have Dazed which is described as “berry red in Matte finish”. I wore this last week for the first time and I couldn’t stop looking at it! It’s such a GORGEOUS deep red (perfect for fall). I can’t wait to wear it again! On the bottom we have Grunge which they describe as “ool-toned plum brown in a Matte finish” and that it is! I wore this yesterday and got SO MANY compliments on it! (You can check out my Instagram for my pictures wearing some of these products 😉 )


So this Lippie Stix set is called Back to Cool and this is how they come from the company (LOVE IT!) These Lippie Stix ONLY come in this set and are not sold individually, but why not get the whole set because ALL the colors are just gorgeous and perfect for fall! The set retails for $30 (that’s $5 each which is what all their Lippie Stix are sold for individually).


Each color is described as follows (L-R in photo):

Choker- Light cool-toned beige in a Crème finish; Mosh Pit- Mid-tone warm brown in a Matte finish; Baewatch- Dusty rose in a Matte finish; Out of Sync- Bright blue fuchsia in a Matte finish; Too Sexy- Deep red violet with a subtle blue flash in a Matte finish; TGIF- True brick red in a Matte finish

These Lippie Stix are a must-have. The colors are fall appropriate, and the names! GAH! So nostalgic from back in the day! Choker is the perfect, every-day wear nude that has a little sheen. I wear this color when I’m rocking a smoky eye, or when I just want to throw something onto my lips with little effort. The only other colors I have worn are Baewatch & TGIF. The latter is the PERFECT throwback color to 90’s. It makes me think of 90210, Friends, Step-by-Step (I could go on and on). The girls/women in these shows wore a color JUST LIKE THIS all the time.  Baewatch is a BEAUTIFUL color! It’s like a dusty version of your lips but better color. I have some swatches below of this set and the two previous lippie stix so you can get a better idea.


L_R: Choker, Mosh Pit, Baewatch, TGIF, Too Sexy, Out of Sync, Dazed, & grunge

Lastly is the Forever Freshman Collection which is a set of 6 Super Shock Shadows. ColourPop describes them as follows:

Crimper- Soft gold with multi-dimensional gold glitter in a Metallic finish; Koosh- Icy silver taupe in an Ultra-Metallic finish; 90210- Greyed out taupe softly sprinkled with pink and gold glitter in a Satin Luxe finish; Melrose- True rust in a Matte finish; As If- Mid-tone cool taupe in a Matte finish; Baby T- Deep blackened blue in Matte finish



They come looking SO pretty!


Top L-r: Crimper, As If and Melrose Bottom L-R: Koosh, 90210 and Baby T

I have worn all but Baby T and let me tell you, they are GORGEOUS! My personal favorite out of the set is Koosh. It has this gorgeous metallic sheen that is perfect to wear alone or with a smoky eye. I do plan on filming a tutorial using this collection, so let me know what you would want to see. Below I will post individual close-ups of each shadow.

image7 image8 image9 image10 image11 image12

My final thoughts on these products are that they are worth the price so I suggest you get them while you can 🙂

Please be sure to check out my YouTube Channel for an upcoming look using them.




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