I have a blog??

So I have been VERY bad about keeping this blog up to date with all my new video content (SORRY!) I’m going to post the last few that have gone up on my channel Beauty by Pinky below

This was just a quick, Get Ready with Me for a regular day where I wanted makeup, but nothing over the top. (Please excuse the lighting and sound, I am still working out technical kinks).

This is my Collaboration with the beautiful AlyJae. We found each other and became friends via Instagram and thought it would be great to do a collaboration using Morphe Brushes palettes. I used the Limited Edition Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette (which is no longer available in palette form, but you can purchase every single shadow individually on their website), and Aly used the 35W palette for her look. We had some bumps in the road getting these videos up when we wanted, but the made it up for you all to see 🙂 I hope you like the looks!

I filmed this FOREVER ago and forgot about it. Found it the other day and did a quick edit and posted it for you all to see. Super simple visual on how I tone my blonde hair to remove any brassy-ness, between visits to my hairdresser (which also happens to be my sister. Check out her Instagram )

This is my most recent video using the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette (shout out to my hubby for buying this for me out of the blue!). This video was completely unplanned as far as what look I was going to do, all I knew is when I asked, everyone wanted to see a look using this palette. I warn you, this is a LONG video (unintentionally) and other than the camera difficulties and off-colored lighting in the beginning, I am VERY pleased with how it turned out. I promise I will get these technical issues resolved in my next video.

Please let me know what you would like to see next. I have the Fall Favorites Tag I will be filming along with a couple other ideas.

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