Glam Goth Filigree – Halloween Tutorial

yes I know, this is my THIRD post today, but I’ve been lagging on updating my blog soon after uploading my vids, so here I am catching up.

SO I had a friend request a gothic look for Halloween. She sent me some pics of what she was looking for and I threw my own twist into it. This actually was pretty easy, and I think if you have the products to do it, you could definitely pull it off. My apologies that I don’t have a completely finished look (i.e. hair, clothes), but I don’t really have that on hand. I figured you all could figure out what you should/could wear with this make up. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this 🙂

these are the pics that inspired this look:

Products Used:

NYX JEP in Balck Bean (but I recommend using something that dries completely like a gel liner)
Loreal Hip Duo e/s in Platinum
Manly 120 e/s palette (red shadow)
Mary kay medium coverage foundation in Ivory 100
Monistat Chaffing Gel powder (primer)
NYX black eyeliner
Mary Kay Red lipstick


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